Thursday, August 27, 2015

Preparation for Wednesday September 2nd

I suspect we will finish chapter 14 this week, and there are some interesting things to investigate in the closing verses.

1.  If you take verses 17, 20, 23--what does it seem to tell you about the members of the Trinity residing within the believer?

2.  Verse 28 raises two interesting things for you to think about:  
1) Why should we be glad that Jesus is returning to the Father; and 2) What does Jesus mean when He says the Father is "greater"?

3.  How does the Christian learn from Jesus what obedience, and therefore love, is really all about?

See on you Wednesday.


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Preparation for Wednesday August 26th 2015

We will be back in John 14 this coming Wednesday.  In order to be prepared, read through the 2nd half of the chapter (verses 15-31) and think through the implications.  I particularly suggest that you look at how many reference you can find to different members of the Trinity residing within the Believer.  All three are there!